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  • ComradeOrder

    Ollie attempts to drain the poison out of this thing called life

  • Chrome Autofill settings

    Next time: you finally reveal which character has been secretly editing the suggestions.

    • Kumata? Is that you???

      • Actually it’s my good friend Chrome Autofill settings with whom I have never before interacted, and perhaps never will.

  • somehow seeing his little face at the bottom of that wonderful exchange is even funnier than the name of the impostor soda… which I wish I had thought of myself.
    Hey if everyone nowadays is only concerned with short-term profits, then whycome we don’t have a new soda coming out called like Penis or something, and then it makes tons of short-term money on controversy, then they shut down before it gets old. Then the world is just better.

    • Vincent Watkins

      This product exists, but this was the closest I could come to confirmation upon googling briefly. It was distributed by Moran Foods and sold at Sav-a-Lot stores.

      • I love that you were either aware of, or took the time to google this for me. You’re truly a wat among watkins.

        • Vincent Watkins

          This soda was a sort of legendary presence in my adolescence, the kind of thing we would make fake commercials for in the middle of video projects for school and sing songs about. A kid who worked at Save-a-Lot (sorry, misspelled that before) actually inquired up the chain of command about the name of the soda, and he was told it was meant to be pronounced “pəˈNAZ,” sort of like “pizzazz,” but that seems like a pretty optimistic forecast as to how the product name would be interpreted by consumers, and there was no way in hell that we were going to call it that.

  • I noticed a spelling error in panel 17 but I’m not going to tell you where it is. What am I, your editor?

    Next time: use one of the sentence-spliced suggestions as a character’s dialog.

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