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  • Dog

    Comics like this are why you need to do an OCL animated series with voice actors and the like

    • I volunteer! I do that.

      • Are we sharing out responsibilities? I’ll happy take all the credit, if that’s up for grabs.

        • Dog

          I’ll take the blame, if necessary

  • I kind of feel like you didn’t really use our comments this time but it’s nice to be featured..

    • Dog

      It’s kind of like you edited my comment. I’m very confused.

      • Yeah but I mean like, bending wasn’t involved.

        • Dog

          It was, but not in a way that involved me

    • I can’t put my finger on the final book.
      I got lost.

  • Ever since my childhood self experienced the infamous typo in the battle square of Final Fantasy VII, “off course!” and all its misspellings amuse me in a kind of Pavlovian way, it’s like when you see someone on deviantart in their 20s who has a fetish they got from a cartoon like inflation or custard pies, expect applied to a sense of humour. So I appreciate today’s edit of my comment to a disproportionate degree relative to the level of effort you probably spent making it. I’m not even being facetious here.