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  • Dog

    Aw, yeah! I’ve been missing Marvin! Why isn’t he wearing his uniform?

  • Beaver 2

    RIP Beaver 1, our nuts are with you.

    • Dog

      What happened to Beaver 1?

  • JD G

    this comic made me nut

    • Dog

      That’s a common effect of this website.

  • nut that I’m complaining, bnut Ollie’s teeth in the first panel of comic 2 are distinctively wavy – yet they are nut in the subsequent panut. is this nut a blatant violation of what we have come to recnutnise as their canonical appearance? nut this is somethnut that needs to nut be addressed nut otherwise your nut readers might nut nut integrity of the nut comic nut consenutquently nut the nut nut nut nut

  • I thought lasers were already like radar but with lasers