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  • Dog

    In the next comic, Jim says: “It’s honestly just a complete coincidence, but I still think it’s pretty strange that…”

  • Yes, everything about this is working.

    • working in my pants

      I’m dirty and Ms. Poppins is going to clean me. three at once

  • Beaver 2

    Sarah discovers the seventh circle of fun. It’s like therapy for moon dogs.

  • Why would Mary Poppins need to learn 5 ways not to hold girls’ boobies? Is handling breasts an essential part of being a woman living in the 21st century? Are there only 5 ways or are these just the 5 most useful? Is it maybe an anthology and this issue simply lists 5 new ways as part of an ongoing list?

  • Captain Stewpid

    The last panel seems like something out of a Michael Kupperman comic.
    Make your next comic in the style of Michael Kupperman.

    • Dog

      Thanks to 4-Playo, Matt’s currently busy working on his biography of Lyndon Johnson.

    • I already draw my comics in the style of Kupperman, though.

      • Dog

        No, you draw your comics in the style of you. You have your own unique style, and a pretty good one at that!

        You’ve even figured out the secret to drawing human hands. If you look at Kupperman’s character’s hands, they’re usually pretty awkward looking.

        • Diane

          I like Kupperman’s hands. But yeah, Matt’s style is his own thing.

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