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  • I’ve never once thought about what a wasp’s anus actually looks like.. I’m not even sure where it is. I know the stinger is their vagina.
    Heyy I would never pluralize anus as anything but “ani” !!

    • Isn’t it “anupodes”?

      • Vincent Watkins

        I call ’em “butts”!

  • No, we don’t sell any trainable animals, however our CEO is an animal himself, originally an armadillo who has since transferred his mind into a dog. That’s all in the past though, literally, because we went back in time with him and possibly left him there, it wasn’t made clear. And I have a maggot for a son. He’s not for sale though, he- no, I wouldn’t classify him as ‘live bait’. I doubt fish or birds would be enticed by a maggot of his size, would YOU be enticed by a building-sized hamburger? Yes, that is a bad example, no, I didn’t know you were on a raw food diet, you don’t mention that until panel 14 and I’m following this on from panel 1. Also he might not even be a maggot anymore, he evolved into a piece of abstract art once. No, I can’t find that one in the archives so I don’t know if he’s since reversed back to his classic look.