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  • Dog

    thats why im
    baaaaaailiin this town, oooooor
    teeearin it down, oooooor
    probably mooooore liiiiike hangin around

  • I assume my assumption is meant to be that balaclava-guy is holding Jim at gunpoint, but there’s no sign of a gun, or any weapon for that matter. Even the pamphlets being proferred in panel 4 might not necessarily be held by him. There’s a car in the background, maybe someone else got out in the interim? Or perhaps it’s the person standing in line directly behind balaclava-man, interrupting a perfectly good robbery with unwarranted advertising. It’s an allegory for the state of the internet when you just want to enjoy some standard violent or pornographic content and keep getting assaulted with popups about how “christ is our saviour” and “your activity has been reported to the FBI”

    • Dog

      I took it to be an allegory for European imperialism, with it’s forced Christian conversions for profit.

  • I was thinking lately about the phenomenon of reverse pickpocketing, like can a person really complain if you’re giving them something.. it’s kind of weirder when it’s a reverse gas station cash register robbery

    • Dog

      ” […] stuffing used tissues in passerby’s pockets, much to their surprise and detriment […] “

    • That’s exactly the argument I tried using when I gave my girlfriend herpes!

  • Jim’s doldrums will fetch a high price in Ennuicoin, the new cryptocurrency backed by a general feeling of malaise. Act now and get a free sad bag—a $33⅓ value!