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Hagia Sophia
  • Diane

    Karen regrets going to the conference.

  • Vincent Watkins

    Karen is a wizard who is plotting revenge against Ollie for murdering every member of her family by coincidence in unrelate, unprovoked murder sprees. The comic gets back to its fantasy roots.

  • I’m so sorry for starting this. That is too many Jims. They’re in a real Jim jam now.
    is… that shirt.. related to Golden Girls? also I never did figure out what’s with her white on black eyes.

  • I just realised Maggot’s hat now says “Harvard” instead of “Arby’s”. That’s character development for you.

    Next time: soil

  • ComradeOrder

    I didn’t realize ollie was such a philanthropist, I didn’t think he made much from gasarillo to cover such charity. It’s nice to see that his complete lack of