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  • I AM HE

    you forgot to include the oft-praised Bee Givers, or BeGones for short
    also, everyone knows B is so feared because it’s like a compressed number I3. (I had to use a capital ‘i’ to illustrate that properly with this typeface thus ruining my own joke)
    (I could also have used a lowercase ‘L’, which would have been easier as it’s slightly closer to the shift key)

  • Look, label lengthening leans leeward loosely.

  • Dog

    It might be a bit more humorous if someone were to replace the word “bee” with “vegan” in several of the panels, so as to satirize the offending behavior of vegans that we all know and loathe! Just yesterday, I was positively quivering at the thought of a disgusting vegan coming up to me and talking to me about being a vegan. Boy am I almost glad that didn’t happen! Keep up the good work, your anti-vegan comics are great!