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  • Radiation to Beaver 2

    This filler comic is 100% better than your regular comics. I guess those are called emptier comics? Anyway please don’t make filler comics over and over again forever, or settle on one particular art style, or be consistent in any way, even the inconsistency. I couldn’t stand having a fixed reference point like that, I would compare myself, I would feel like the comic was the origin point and I would be forced to move or stay in place, the idea of not changing scares me, the idea of changing scares me, I want to maintain plausible deniability about whether I’m changing or not. So don’t do that.

    • Unable to discern whether this comment is sincere, sarcastic, or a mix of both, good job!

  • Vincent Watkins

    The worse you feel about yourself and what you’re doing, the better your comics become.

    • KUMATA

      It’s why all the great artists kill themselves. Van Gogh. Wally Wood. Tupac.

  • Steven Smith

    great comic, very funny, would read again.

  • Dog

    whats fuckin wrong with everyone

  • Well I like the colors anyway!


    if you hate America so much why don’t you leave? why don’t you just move another country? why don’t you just move to my country? why don’t you just come and live in my house? why?

  • Dog

    this webcomic uses the same font/program as outer city limits, so it looks like this is canon now