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  • Dog

    I need more of these. I want to share your comics with other people, but they’re always off-put by how much your comic talks about intensive tillage of soil.

  • Captain Stewpid

    Why are there so many of these?

    I guess it’s just like the old saying goes “When it rains it rains alot”.

  • Captain Stewpid

    Bonus contempt.

    • Stupid puns are the key to my heart.

  • Captain Stewpid

    This doesn’t have to do with anything, I just thought Matt might think it’s funny.

    Possible influence on M. Kupperman’s style?

  • Whoa. Whoa twice. Whoaboken New Jersey.
    I thought it was a gassery store.

  • Remember back in the first OCL comic they talk about how they’re located on the brink of where reality comes unglued, well my theory is that the effect is actually spreading, like a stain soaking into a mattress, and here we are witnessing the effect bleeding into body of the comic itself. Things will progress in one of two ways; either this is an eye-of-the-storm type dealie and the chaos will reach an apex before receding to normal levels, as in the Abstract Thought room scene in Pixar’s Inside Out, or without defined boundaries all semblance of structure will collapse into one gooey mess, like the humans during Third Impact in End of Evangelion.
    Well that’s just my theory, and you know what they say; theories are like opinions – everyone has an asshole.