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  • Well. This certainly takes me back to 1992. When Bart was still a novelty, and nobody got upset at that peddler guy in aladdin..
    Heyyyy who moved it from Turkey? Probably someone with lots of feet and thus lots of shoes.
    So yeah this is a got-dang masterpiece.

  • This comic makes me hungry for shorts. Although, not really hungry at all, towards the end.

    Next time: Disposing of Ollie’s withered husk!

  • Captain Stewpid

    Just noticed that Accountant-Girl-Bart has a hook for a hand,
    and that The Peddler has “genie 4 life” on his teeth,
    and that The Peddler was the only character from Aladdin with an accent even remotely resembling a Middle Eastern one.

  • ComradeOrder

    The beans want revenge.

  • Captain Stewpid

    Ollie has a flashback to his own birth.