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  • Why is an enormous head poking out of a car window so funny? What the hell has happened to my comedic standards? I’m like a woman pushing forty willing to settle with any man who’ll have her just so she can have a baby before it’s too late. Only instead of a baby it’s laughs, and instead of sex with unattractive men, it’s… jokes? Look I don’t really know what I was going for with that analogy. I didn’t mean to imply I’m facing some sort of time limit whereafter I’ll be unable to laugh again. That would be pretty depressing. “You have six months to live with a sense of humour.”

    If Roscoe’s head is permanently stuck out the car window does that mean his diet consists entirely of drive-thrus? He can’t even pull them in through the window, so does he just eat them off the serving window’s counter hands-free?

    • The real question is why the hell did they serve Fred Flintstone an entire rack of dinosaur ribs at once? If there were such large ribs to eat, wouldn’t we just order and eat one rib at a time, since it would feed one person easily?

      • It’s to make you spend more, man.

    • Roscoe probably eats off of his chins. If he’s agile enough with his tongue, no hands needed!

      • Wait, what am I saying. He obviously just eats the banana cream pies. Licks them right off his face, I bet.

  • Mr. Howdycakes is my immediate new favorite character.

  • Dog

    I once made an edit of a Garfield strip in which Jon just repeated the word “ROSCOE” over and over again. To me and my sleep deprived friend this was the funniest thing in the world and has since become an inside joke. Whenever something uses excessive repetition, one of us will turn to the other and say “Roscoe” and we’ll both crack up. In accidentally referencing this, this is what you have done to me. Good job 🙂