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  • View the time lapse video of this comic, if you DARE!!

  • Ah, the ol’ mustard-eye. That’s bad form, hotdogman. That’s dirty pool. That’s fecal billiards.

  • ComradeOrder

    The next comic will contain gratuitous amounts of . I mean just absolutely insane levels of . Let me be entirely clear here. I’m not talking about a little bit of, not just a lot of , but an enormous amount of , more of than you could possibly imagine. Like, the degree of concentrated in this one location should be so vast that it would drive one mad just to catch even a glimpse of of this magnitude. Centuries later poets and historians alike will still be writing about this event, the ultimate gathering of , a true monumental occasion in the history of the likes of which the world had never seen before and never will see again.

  • In the next comic, Jim’s allergy proves to be a blessing in disguise as it provides a solution to [problem encountered in the next comic]