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  • Diane

    Jim gets injured and Ollie has to call Diane to tell her about it.

  • have i mentioned lately how much I love this comic
    i think smileytits is not qualified to speculate on the future, though.

    • Next comic Ollie should wear that as a name badge. “Smileytits”

  • I don’t know if it’s lame to explain jokes you like, but I love that last panel. “Killed by a freight train” and it’s shooting him with a gun. What’s the word for that kind of humour? I know there is one, somewhere out there.

  • ComradeOrder

    We all know the true reason Ollie can’t express his anger and/or concern is that he doesn’t currently have eyebrows.

  • ComradeOrder

    The next comic is inexplicably upside down.