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“Filler” Up

“Filler” Up published on 3 Comments on “Filler” Up

Okay guys for real the deal I think you know you really just have to understand, and when I say this I really mean it but do you think you could listen to what I’m saying? The important part, and I mean the really important part is that, well, don’t you think that it’s really important that it is the way that it is? If you’re not being true, then what are you doing really? It’s like, listen, and I gotta tell ya: that there is the truth, but don’t QUOTE me on it, but it really makes you think and when you think about it, you’ll understand.

  • All things considered, looking at things in the cold light of day with the benefit of hindsight and without putting it on a pedestal – I’ll be perfectly honest and cut right to the chase, no beating around the bush, no horseplay. When life gives you lemons, in my humble opinion I really think that at the end of the day, without pretence, when all’s said and done, fair’s fair and coming from my heart and soul, as the saying goes: “don’t count your cake and eat a stitch in time is a penny earned worth two in the bush and if the shoe fits, join them”.

  • You are forgibbons

  • Dog

    “Really lay into the mastication”

    This really should be entered into popular lexicon.