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  • The first panel of this comic is like a darker, seriouser, Jokerer version of the last panel of the last comic. It’s like when an anime suddenly changes style halfway through a season and the recap of the last episode is redone in the new style. Does that ever happen? I don’t know, I don’t watch anime.

    The first time I read this comic, I didn’t even notice that Ollie changed wardrobes, or that they moved outside, or that the “Soon” text indicated more than a minute had passed. What’s wrong with me? Am I getting early-onset senility?

    • KUMATA

      I don’t think you’re going senile, but you probably are going senile.


    I’m feeling a little hungry myself.

    • Sadly, hunger is a much more difficult problem now that Jimmy John’s has imposed strict limits on sandwich delivery men.

  • I feel like the metaphor got a little lost here, I was expecting the white blood cells to count as murder-employees working for Oliver..

  • Dog

    Honestly, this is the best comic you’ve done in a while. I love the progressive changes in color scheme on this one especially.

  • Dog

    Also, I believe I have discovered an error. Why have Jim’s eyes remained unexploded, even after being stressed while strangled?

    • In the OCL video game, Jim can throw his exploding eyeballs to deal massive damage, but has to visit a surgery kiosk to have them replaced, although that can be done an unlimited number of times. Often I put the kiosks in boss rooms to make it easier for players to cope with “tough customers.” Through the power of mindfulness, Jim is able to prevent his eyeballs from exploding under extreme stress.

  • Vincent Watkins

    A lot of the reactions and body language are too exaggerated–or just wrong. #1 Coal Guy’s accusatory pointing in the last panel makes little sense; he’s appalled at the actions Oliver just described, he’s not identifying the culprit.
    In the panel before that, Oliver is boasting, or else adopting a “well, it all worked out in the end” tone, but in neither scenario aligns with a knowing wink to #1 Coal Guy/the audience.
    In the panel before that, #1 Coal Guy’s facial expression should be disapproving, or outraged, but it looks more like he’s grieving.
    Jim’s dialogue and reactions in panels 4 through 6 seem contrived to acknowledge the absurdity of the character you’ve created, but that doesn’t make the situation funnier. Nonchalant engagement with utterly bizarre circumstances is essentially the point of the setting and characters, and you abandon that here for no apparent reason and no benefit.
    The color is distracting.
    Hated it.

    • Dog

      Sounds like someones a jealous #2 Coal Guy

  • Captain Stewpid

    I like the colors.