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  • Much better.

    • I like this response because it only works as a sequel to your previous comment – unprecedented in this comment section as far as I am aware. In doing so you have implied a sort of connected universe amongst each comic’s comment sections, this opens up whole new worlds of possibility for us spectators. I have up until this point been operating under the intended implication that each comment I make comes from a new individual, but now that can be recontextualised as an aggregate of personas from one man’s ever-fracturing mind.

  • Dog

    they fired the news guy because they almost got caught as the runner of the whole operation due to his foolish lack of control during the stealing of the taste hole. why would a news team conduct such a heinous plan, you may ask? because the taste hole was stealing all the publicity and glamour the anchor hole once had, and as everyone knows, the only way to combat thievery is with more thievery. its kind of a fire with fire scenario. luckily jim and oliver dont seem to care much with or without the taste hole, and one wonders if the news team did any research into the targets of the crime before planning. now the part where the news team bought the taste hole? weeeeehehell dont ask me

    • You deserve capital punishment for all that incorrect lowercase.

      • Dog


  • OBEY WARIO’S BROTHER’s eye looks like a penis. And his hat looks like it has an anus. No jokes here, just bein’ crude.

    • Jim had the same eye condition in “Plastic Owl”, but it was the other eye. Maybe they know each other from their eye surgery experience.