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  • Cam Reams Ass! Car Masses Ma, Scar Mesas Am. Arcs Mesa Sam. Sac Smear Mas – A Amass Sec Mr, A Maces As Mrs… MASCARA MESS!

    • Dog


  • Dog
    • Why bring death to the whales when you can bring the whales to you?

      • Dog

        This insinuates that I am the physical embodiment of death


  • Griffon

    Hi I just discovered your comic through a comment you made on an aged tweet by a high school friend I rarely see any more and anyways I wanted to tell you I think your series is a mess in the most amusing and charming way

  • Captain Stewpid
  • What if rhymes worked the opposite way

  • Dog

    You know I’m always bringing the news. If you didn’t already know, Stephen Hawking died less than 12 hours ago.