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  • this is extra funny to me since I just saw my first GOOD one of these videos yesterday, realized they potentially have some merit.

    • That’s how they get you.

      • nah I’m a successful gambler, which is to say I know to just try once, and if you win, great. Stop. If you lose, you also stop. Pull the slot machine lever so hard it snaps off.

        • Get billed for damages to the house’s prime slot machine, go into debt to pay for it. In desperation, decide to gamble your last buck in the hopes of earning back your savings. And the cycle continues.

  • Vincent Watkins

    The next update is a video.

    • Captain Stewpid

      Make a YTP

  • Panel 19 was certainly visuall.

    Next time: a customer makes an asinine suggestion and Ollie n’ Jim are forced to fulfil it. It’s meta, you see, which as everyone knows is an acceptable substitute for humour.

  • Diane

    Ollie accidentally says a bad word on YouTube and everyone gets angry at him for no reason.

    • Vincent Watkins

      a bad smell in the gas station is coming from a tiny Asian fish market behind the 2-liters of generic Mountain Dew