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  • Steven Smith

    when i say this is a good comic, i’m not just “blowing smoke up yr @$$”

  • Vincent Watkins

    Oh, nice, a DOOM crossover.

    • It’s true, I only made those beaver sigils because I had recently played SIGIL, and that occult forces had recently asked me to do them a solid in the area of beaver magic.

  • You pulled off a rare triple-fakeout. Super well done.
    But mental focus is how you AVOID shame! Silly indoctrinated beaver.

  • Dog

    I’m not exaggerating when I say this is one of the cutest comics (and characters) from Outer City Limits yet!

  • I’m A Far Side Nutter!

    Is the hand creature a reference to the Far Side? I’m a Far Side nutter, anything Gary Larson related is right up my alley for sure 😉

    • It’s not intentionally, but I knew when I was drawing it that it was a very familiar gag, maybe in more ways than one – I had to google the particular Far Side strip you mentioned, and yeah, I have definitely seen this before in the giant Far Side collections I used to look at growing up!

  • Jeez! Give a guy some warning before you rewrite his canon like that, would you? This comic gave me beaver’s whiplash.

    • Dog

      Are you going to become smoking beaver 2 to reflect the change?