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  • Vincent Watkins

    you spelled “coconuts” wrong

    • Dog

      He spelled “” wrong, too.

      • I can’t believe that of all things is making me feel nostalgic

        • Dog

          What, spelling errors?

          • Beaver 2

            Apology accepted.

  • Diane

    Fashion advice for 2018

    • Dog

      Make a hat out of Kraft Singles! Make a dress out of Kraft Singles! Make a toque out of Kraft Singles!

      RePlAcE eVeRyThInG yOu OwN wItH kRaFt SiNgLeS

      (c) 2018

  • All joking aside crabs are my favourite animal. Can we see a horned ghost crab please. That is all.

    • Dog

      *favourite subsection of animals

      • No, I like all their sections.

  • Beaver 2

    I really, really like that song. It reminds me of Calvin.

  • I’m wheezelaughing too much. If I need a new alveolus or two, you’re paying.

    Hey howcome there’s no classic wooden treasure chests sitting around in real life?

    • Dog

      Because then all the classic pirates would take our classic treasure!