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  • I proofread for a lot of comics, but I’m not going to fix ‘Dalmatians’ because Dalmation sounds like Dalmotion, and who wouldn’t want to see some mung daal in motion? Especially baked into pies tucked inside coal-filled pockets, I mean hot damn. That makes me feel like a miner.

  • That Real Comicâ„¢ character whom I presume is an actual newspaper strip character, am I seeing this right or is he not wearing pants? Also, Oliver’s assertion in panel 1 is incorrect. Pie Thighs Guy wasn’t using his body heat at all, but that of pre-heated coals that happened to be contained in his body. What a sham!

    I was almost tempted to wait 3 years before commenting again, I seriously was. That’s how committed I am to the art of fleeting internet commentspace comedy.

    • Dog

      If I were mean (which I’m not), I would say:

      “Yeah? Well, maybe you should’ve stayed offline!”

      • Takes one to know one!