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  • Dog

    It’s funny because it’s WRONG

    • I’ll have a shitty holiday if I want to thank you very much

    • Diane

      Happy holidays to you too! This is a fun Internet community.

      • Dog

        It is quite the emotional roller coaster.

  • I did everything right. I arranged cookies in a circle and carrots into an upside-down pentagram within it. I put a glass of fresh Reindeer milk at the centre (the Reindeer itself having been ritually slain at the stroke of midnight) and jingled the bells in time with the snowfall, yet Santa STILL didn’t come!!!

    Well okay he did, but he didn’t get me that Scalextric Grand Prix playset I asked for

    • Dog

      It appears you forgot the grand partridge consumption feast. I mean, I got the Bally™ Playset with a Dromoman Action Figure that *I* requested.

  • Is this a game with poor draw distance? Because I can’t handle all these Poppins.
    Does Santa have pencils for arms too?

  • Dog

    MATT – Why doesn’t your comic have a theme song? You wrote such a cool one for the Balloon Brothers show.

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