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  • You may have to click on the game to get it to focus in browser. Here’s a direct link to the game:

    • Appreciate that. my ol’ toaster computer has trouble with basically everything. I’m amazed this even loaded in firefox 34, what even is it using?

      • It’s cobbled together with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, which is something that I can understand how to use, probably because it’s still extremely similar to the software it was when I was like, 12, Klik and Play.

    • KUMATA

      I don’t know what people are bitching about, I’m using a PC I built myself on a custom OS I coded and it works fine, they should just make a better machine


    Anyone else get the super secret ending for beating the game 100 times?

  • I got to the swamp and then the game turned into a modern art piece

    • Maybe next time I think about developing a game for web I don’t make most of the content take place on a single giant frame with a hundred objects. Also, according to mac users, the text is illegible.

  • Steven Smith

    i just had an epic gamer moment!

    • KUMATA

      Is that like a senior moment? Should I call a doctor?

      • Steven Smith


  • Captain Stewpid

    This is really good.
    Who did the music?