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  • Diane

    I didn’t make that.

  • I think you need to start using some comment sense

  • You would expect the fake Ollie to be annoyed and/or bored by fake Jim’s dumb misunderstanding of his statement. But the third panel shows the fake Ollie isn’t bothered at all. “How about that,” he says, “I could listen to stupid comments all day! I’ll even smile while I’m doing it! I bet *you*, the reader, couldn’t do that.”

    Fuck you, fake Ollie.

    • But I *can* do that. That’s why we’re here isn’t it?

  • I’m always concerned by settings in which anthropomorphic and bestial variants of the same animal species seem to coexist. The classic case being Goofy the dog and his pet Pluto, the dog. How do the anthropomorphs consider the ‘normal’ variants of themselves? A lower social caste? Developmentally stunted, as we would view a severely disabled person? A lesser species altogether, even though genetically they’re identical? This could probably be used to draw parallels with prejudice and racism. I guess it was harsh social commentary after all.

    N.B. Sonic the Hedgehog’s favourite food is chili dogs. Does the meat come from an anthropomorph or a critter? Would there be a difference in taste? Is this why he has no humanoid pig friends?*

    *by which I mean “within the official videogame series canon”, we all know there’s a pig or two in the comics and cartoon canons

    • Dog


      • The canon of Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t a smiling matter. In fact whenever I look into it it makes me do anything but smile.

  • I remember hearing that song in a restaurant just 48 hours ago. As I ate my pizza alone, mulling over the strange water-supplying methods of restaurants in Philadelphia, the restaurant workers commented on Steve Miller’s lack of desirability as a boyfriend. But I think anyone can be a desirable boyfriend, assuming “boyfriend” is defined in a gender-neutral way.

    Next to me was a fireplace containing only a fire extinguisher. I lost the irony, and couldn’t find it again until this morning.