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  • “Your children are a distraction in class” “are they acting up? acting out? acting to the side?” “every time I call roll I get hungry”

  • This has been an advertisement for Oliver’s I-love-her Arranged Marriage Service by Oliver Oldman™ (copyright Oliver Oldman)

  • Also I like the papery texture. I think it suits the comic (when it’s in black + white)

    • I’m still kind of on the fence about it myself, sometimes when I’m putting it together it makes me feel like I’m doing some cheap trick to fill out the page, but other times I look at comic books I own and the texture feels like it’s part of the art, even if that’s not how it was originally intended.

      • Depends whether you’re putting it there in lieu of something else. If you were just gonna leave the backgrounds blank anyway then what’s the harm?