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  • Dog

    You know, guys, I think we all learned something today. We learned that peaceful protest can sometimes solve problems you didn’t even know existed.

    • Beaver 2

      I learned you can trick a dog into thinking an apple is an orange by holding up an apple and saying “this is an orange.” It doesn’t even know.

      • Dog

        I am offended

      • What’s more, they don’t even know who the good boys are. You have to tell them every time.

        • Dog

          This comment section never used to be a place of hate! What happened?

  • Ohhh it wasn’t done yet. Now the bending happens.

  • Captain Stewpid

    B.C. Forbes confirmed for Smash.

  • It’s great to see the much-awaited return of Fridge Too Far and Chubukov and guy with P! on his head who I can’t remember. And what a great addition to the cast in B.C. Forbes’ strained smile.

    Next time: Text nime

  • Dog
    • Dog

      Waiting to be sued for this monstrosity, hasn’t happened yet