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  • Diane

    I’d like to see more about the piranha necromancer couple.

  • as

    a voice actor,
    I can confirm this is
    how it works. My skeleton hurts.

    • That looked a lot cooler when I first typed it, it had stairsteppy shapes. they were accidental at first, but I figured Matt would appreciate that so I cultivated it. But alas, disqus didn’t measure the bottom of the meniscus on this one.

  • no relation to Beaver 2

    Rubbing salt in my “unrelated” wounds, eh? I’ll have you know salt only makes my wounds heal faster. I’m like a reverse snail, or a hyponatremic vampire.

  • Steven Smith

    i read this in fran drescher’s voice

  • Dog

    It’s extremely possible that I’m the only real OCL commenter, and everyone else is just an account created by Matt with the sole purpose of simulating webcomic discourse.

    • KUMATA

      I agree, I too enjoyed this fantastic update from the smash-hit webcomic Outer City Limits™. And let’s not forget to like, subscribe and donate!