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  • That’s the most compelling ad I’ve ever seen, but I just can’t stand Samsung Hyper Microsoft’s privacy-protection “features”. I demand the right to expose myself to every website I visit!

    • If you see any censor bars in your server access logs, that’s why.

  • That last one was great, I’m glad it went last. It left a nice taste in my mouth

    next time: why are cars?

  • “please pay for the food” as a slogan paints an image in my mind of a store in such a shitty part of town, filled with so much custom-costing depravity like people puking in the aisles and cutting themselves and breeding on a daily basis that its management are broken husks of people, lacking any energy or will to attempt to resist these behaviours any longer and have conceded that, as long as they can persuade at least half of their customers to pay them, they can continue to merely teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. Sort of like a kid who gets beat up daily and – having accepted that the beating is happening and will happen again – pleads softly between blows for the assailants to maybe go a little easier on him today as it’s his birthday.