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  • Soon? But I want it nowwww

  • Excellent! This delay will give me time to work through your extensive back catalog of videos. (As your #4 fan, I like to make sure your #1, #2, and #3 fans have a chance to watch your videos before I view them myself.)

    • Dog

      Okay now I gotta know my ranking

      • 1. Elon Musk
        2. CoFu
        3. Dog (undead)
        4. Beaver 2
        5. Dog (living)
        6. Bevertly
        7-9. miscellaneous
        10. Vincent Watkins

  • Dog

    When I was younger, I had a book that was just a list of mnemonics for all the state capitals that I would read obsessively in an attempt to somehow become a genius. I still remember a lot of the capitals (Boise – Idaho, Hartford – Connecticut), but the Springfield still stands out to me. The mnemonic for that one was a Spring Field making an Ill Noise (accompanied with an illustration of a field of grass with a bunch of springs with unwell faces lying around, all groaning).

    The only reason that stood out to me so much was that Springfield, as you know, is the setting of the TV show “The Simpsons”, created by Matt Groening (groening -> groaning -> ill noise -> illinois). The book came out in the early 80s, so the author couldn’t have known who the Simpsons were, but that was still something I was extremely excited about. I showed that page to everyone (I was still very young), but I was the only person that noticed the Simpsons connection.

    • What’s the deal with Matts and their last names, seriously.