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  • I had initially assumed that baby-Ollie was in the serving dish, but that would make the flashback from a third-person perspective! Therefore the baby delivery Turkey must have been merely passing by with another baby, narrating aloud as Ollie emerged from a vagina/test tube/chrysalis. THE PLOT THICKENS

    Next time: Something else thickens.

    • Diane

      That panel could be the turkey looking into a mirror.

      • But how would baby Ollie see it from within his metal crib? Does he have x-ray vision? I’ll check the Official Outer City Limits Wiki™

    • ComradeOrder

      Personally, I get the completely unfounded notion that this turkey is, in fact, a serial liar and is actually the infamous baby theft turkey. Or perhaps he is both, and the source of babies he delivers is just those that he steals from another. In that case, he would mostly just end up being the arbitrary redistribution of babies turkey.

      • The you’re calling the AROB Turkey a thief? Racist much?

  • ComradeOrder

    Gur arkg pbzvp fubhyq pbagnva n cvpgher bs n zna fvggvat ba n cvyr bs arjfcncref.

  • Come on now, nobody was saying BCE back then.

    • Maybe the Turkey had a vision of Jesus’ birth. But tragically, despite his millennia-long wait for the prophesied messiah, he was murdered just weeks before he could witness the infant Christ’s arrival. And that’s the story of thanksgiving, folks.

      • Mythical beings like the Baby Delivery Turkey and the Stork and the Genie from Aladdin already know what happens in the entirety of human history so they can reference it for future audiences that may be watching.