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  • “tortured and killed” is twice as funny for being cut off, I don’t know why. Probably someone who understands comedy theory can explain.

    I like this snail guy’s design.

    Next time: :^)

    • It’s too bad he died.

    • The final panel for this comic was originally just Oliver murdering the snail and draining out the soda via stab wounds:

      But whenever I have a ‘punchline’ like this it always makes me feel like a bad writer, even though I personally really liked this and I think a well-executed “someone is suddenly murdered” joke can be funny, it also just doesn’t sit right with me because it’s lazy as hell and everyone knows it. It makes me feel like a real-life version of the excellent POWERUP COMICS!

      • So I started fiddling around with the idea of having the guy just be banned for life, but it doesn’t really make sense, we never see the “banned for life” image wall anywhere else and it’s not something you even really see in real life.

        Also, it’s just not as funny and doesn’t satisfy the request conditions. I couldn’t really separate myself from liking the original ending, so I sort of compromised by having it happen, but I make it look like I’m doing a really bad job of hiding it. Anyway, this is why you never delete drawings you made, you just cut them and put them on a hidden layer, so later, when someone asks a simple question about your comic you can give them waaayy too much information in a reply comment.

        • I have to confess I actually misread the last panel of the published comic. I read “this was harvested” as “this is harvested”, and my interpretation of that was that torturing and killing snails for their urine is the regular practise all soda companies undergo, and that the article was condemning Snail Guy selling his urine whilst being un-tortured and un-killed as perverse and unethical merely because it’s abnormal, completely disconnected from any concept of morality. It’s almost satirical? I don’t know how I feel about the true ending now.

          I think the alternate murder punchline works because the joke isn’t just a random murder, it’s that Ollie thinks it’s an acceptable way of removing the soda. Whereas the banned-for-life punchline doesn’t have that extra layer.

          • This is a good lesson about letting the reader experience what they want to experience. Also, I think your misread actually works better.

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  • mahogany wood grain, wouldn’t it?

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    a clever woman cries