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  • Dog

    I’ve been planning a comment for 2 weeks, and now I don’t remember what it was!

    Good comic!

    • Dog

      Is “B’oh” a reference to TABDPITABM?

      • I’m sure I must have come across a reference to that podcast before, but I definitely had to look it up. It’s mostly a reference to this classic Simpsons theme:

        • Dog

          There was one episode in which they joke about a knock-off Homer that says “B’oh!”, but I don’t remember which episode and I’m too lazy to find it

          • That’s the one he linked. It was the one where Burns adopts Bart. I think it was just called ‘Burns’ Heir’ because not every title has to be a gag

          • Dog

            Yeah I know, I meant an episode of TABDPITABM, but I might be misremembering the running gag as just being a reference to this scene

  • I literally just quoted that song earlier today, at an Argentinian. Because I forgot how it went and thought it had ‘Argle bargle’ in it.

  • Captain Stewpid

    Making good use of the infinite canvas.

  • Big Simpsons are overrated. I miss the Small Simpsons

  • Steven Smith

    this comic is dope as hell!