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  • Dog

    If you suspected that my new Twitter handle is, well, you’d be correct. 5 points for you

  • Dog

    What sort of disks does it’s mouth take?

  • Beaver 2

    This computer cult was probably pretty cool 30 years ago. Now the only guy left is the one who doesn’t understand sarcasm.

  • That is so profound I got lost.
    I think it’s a translation error. What you’re supposed to ask is “where is the BEND of the world?”

  • I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something different about this one. I dunno. I’m not complaining.

    Anyway he’s clearly asking about “The End” as in the final page of the smash-hit Forbes bestselling novel “The World” soon to be turned into a major motion picture and available at all good bookstores.