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  • Dog

    Should’ve angered a witch that would turn you into Elgantine Price, then.

    Also, did they not like tea before? For the wiki, of course

    • They’re American, that means it’s a legal requirement that they enjoy a cup a’ Joe (coffee) fresh from a #’bucks (Starbucks) and smoking a cigarette (fag) before going back to work at their gas (petrol) station for minimum wage (fuck all).

      Also something something cowboy hats

      • Dog

        You obviously are heavily uneducated in American culture! You forgot about guzzling the brew.

  • What a climactic ending. This must be your best work yet, definitely going out with a bang. Good thing it’s ended, because I don’t think you’ll ever be able to top this, you really won’t.

  • Diane

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your comic over the years. Thanks for all the laughs, and best wishes with any future projects.

  • Man you don’t have to update every day. Some of the days are fine just the way they are. I mean Tuesday yeah you can update that sucker into something new, like Boozeday or something, but

    • Dog

      I’m not sure whether to expect a comic tomorrow, in 3-10 days, or never.