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  • Diane

    Ways not to hold a teacup.

  • Dog

    “Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, dirty fingernail
    Ollie wasn’t young like he was last night
    Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, dirty fingernails
    The sheets still showed a yellow spot”

  • I loved that fox in Mary Poppins.. the adorable Irish-accented fox being chased by british fox hunters
    now I know why that’s -extra- funny.

  • Dog

    They killed net neutrality in America five minute ago.

    Not sure how many people here live in America

    • Why would I want to live in America? You guys don’t even have Net Neutrality

      • Dog

        I wouldn’t recommend America for a lot of reasons, actually. At least we’re the home of something. I forget what, though.

        • Immigrants?

          • Dog

            No, the government’s currently undoing that. I think it was more something like “fealty”

  • haha I just had a really wacky and crazy idea lol what if ollie and jim were magically turned into sexy girls with big boobies? and all their customers are girls LOL I just think it’d be a really crazy and funny idea haha

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