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  • aren’t we all anime?

    • KUMATA

      I’m anime, you’re aniyou


    I didn’t get the joke in this one so instead I’m going to post a response to a different webcomic I’ve been reading. Wow, this was your best page yet! I wonder what Erica will say once she finds out George stole her fursona. And now that Ronaldo’s gotten back from the medieval ages, he’ll probably back her up on this one. Yentob the sentient VCR better stop with the wisecracks and help George hide fast, or the poor guy’s in for a world of trouble! Andy’s not looking too pleased in that last panel about having his organs harvested either. By the way, it’s been a while since we saw Ydna, his evil clone, I think we last saw him working at that videogame store? Is he still living with Michell’a the Unchained, Breaker of Oaths, Vile Queen of the Uncharted Expanse or did she finish her law degree? I’d check the wiki but it’s still locked after the main admin went on that drunken rant.
    Writing is top-notch; as always there were hardly any spelling or grammar mistakes, and now that you’re using comic sans everything seems inherently funnier. Loved the subtle crack at Trump too – it’s about time someone finally stuck it to him!
    I love how developed your art has become, ever since you learned how to use the paint bucket tool properly it’s really added a whole new layer of depth to things. And the way you drew the stinklines coming off of Laura’s sweaty feet, wow, WHAT a treat. I’ll be saving that one. One piece of advice though, if I may, you got Erica’s breasts wrong in panel 32; they should look like perfect spheres, not a saggy teardrop shape.
    Oh, and don’t apologise too much for updating a day late again! I just hope you’re doing okay after your father has suffered all of these strokes, each of them on your scheduled update days too. If you ever need to talk man, I’m always here, just hit me up on Myspace or Yahoo. I really, truly value the creation you’ve brought to us these past 12 years, I’m sure your other six followers share my sentiment, even if they never comment.

  • Dog

    Time to draw some jimmy fan art

  • Vincent Watkins

    When you do the animation, please, please don’t do your “dumb southerner” voice for the personal trainer.