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  • Dog

    I worked really hard on my comment, and it was barely acknowledged! I hope you realize the message that you’re sending to young viewers. Do you WANT to parent a generation that thinks hard work deserves to go unrewarded? Yeah, maybe you’re thinking that was excessive. But I need to illustrate how god damn furious you made me…

    • Your comment gave me a weird sense of deja vu and I ended up thinking I was you! Like a fool I ended up going to your house to have dinner with ‘my’ (your) wife and children. Boy was there egg on my face just fourteen hours later when a hostage negotiator kindly explained to me the mistake I’d made. I apologised to your neighbours because I think the warning shots I was firing woke them up, that or the police helicopter, but they might give you the stinkeye for a couple days because the skinsuit I made really did look a lot like you. Anyway, assuming you made the same mistake I did and are at my house, could you water my plants?

      • Dog

        You know, I suspected something was up when I went outside and I had a queen.

        P.S. If you fooled the neighbors, I bet you’re pretty good at making skinsuits. Could you make another one for me, too? I would be honored! Thanks in advance. Also, please put Timmy to bed early. I’m very disappointed in him.

        • The politically-correct term is “homosexual”, but whatever you wanna get up to in my name’s fine by me. I wasn’t using it much anyway.

          • Dog

            I may have just accidentally spray painted your name on every surface of the block while trying to make a sandwich. I hope you’re okay with that.

  • Man that is the life. I’m just making CONCEPTS for videogames that aren’t going anywhere
    but maybe they will.
    EDIT: edit. that’s an order. Edit.

  • I get it! It’s a talk. a Ted talk.

    Next time: A Sam Scream