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  • Dog


  • Making a comic isn’t very practical. I know that all too well.
    I actually feel sorry for this oozy fellow.

  • This comic ruined my childhood.

    See, I was going to comment that, despite not finding the film all that funny anymore, Spaceballs contains one of my all time favourite puns. But I looked it up just now and it seems I got it wrong for all these years! I thought the can of fresh air that the president sniffs was labelled “Derri-Air”, but it’s not, it’s “Perri-Air”. Maybe there’s a joke there, I don’t know what it is, all I know is it’s not the pun that’s been making me chuckle all these years. So by taking that from me you’ve actually stolen laughter retroactively. Is that what you meant by playing a practical joke on the reader? IS IT?!

    • Not sure if you’re joking about not getting the Perri-Air pun, but Perrier is a brand of sparkling mineral water, that I believe was considered a wealthy person’s drink at the time of Spaceballs. Wait a minute, did you just pull a practical joke on ME, by pretending to not know what Perrier is, as if it’s obvious I should know that you know what Perrier is. WHAT’S HAPPENING

      • Dog

        Wait, wasn’t Perrier essentially just an alcoholic Sprite? I’m confused.

        • I honestly had no idea what Perrier (as a sparkling water) was, even though it’s apparently very popular in my country. I’ve heard of Laurent-Perrier, the champagne, which may be what Dog is thinking of, although that word’s pronounced “perri-yay” so phonetically I wouldn’t have made the connection as a kid anyhow.
          I still prefer my own imagined rectal pun because it makes the way he eagerly sniffs it all the funnier. Maybe I’ll just move to a universe where that’s the case. Or undergo radical hypnotherapy so that every time I’m reminded of that scene, I pass out.

        • I honestly had no idea what Perrier (the water) was. I’ve heard of Laurent-Perrier, the champagne (which may be what Dog was thinking of) but that one’s pronounced “perri-yay”, so child me wouldn’t have made the connection.
          I prefer my own imagined rectal pun, it complements the way he eagerly sniffs it. Maybe I should just get extensive hypnotherapy so that whenever I remember this scene, I pass out.

          • Technically, it is pronounced perri-air. it’s just hyperforeignization makes people think all french words end in -ay

            I liked what your child brain thought of better. derri-air is a great joke.