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  • Dog

    What did each person order?

    I’m asking for the wiki

    • Stoker – Black Coffee
      Angrod – Latte
      Matterhorn – Cinnamon Dolce Latte
      Bark – Caffeine Free Pumpkin Spice Chai-Replacement Hyperdrink
      Bocephus – Black Coffee that he has poured moonshine into under the table.

      • Dog

        Does Bocephus make the moonshine spontaneously using *M*A*G*I*C*, or is it contained inside his bagpipes?

        • He makes it the old fashioned way, with a bathtub still hidden inside of his dilapidated 50’s pickup truck.

          • Dog

            Alright, the OCW Wiki is now up to date. Thanks, dude.

  • In between gusts of hot air I saw funny things like a hat injuring a word bubble
    also beauty is for men. that’s nature too.

    • Diane

      Power is beautiful.

  • Where’s the tracing you promised us?!

    • Dog

      Why, it’s on the back of the comic, of course! It’s in the third and the sixth bonus panel on Part 8.

    • My tracing is so bad it looks like regular sloppy drawing.

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