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  • Vincent Watkins

    The next one has to do with your heritage.

  • If he was the skinnier of the two he’d be Slim Jim, and if he was the male one and the clone was female, he’d be Him Jim, but.. as it is.. he’s just.. regular Jim. and that doesn’t rhyme at all. In English, anyway. Good ol’ Genuine James. Goiterclone has to live in his shadow.

    • If he dressed a little snappier he’d be Trim Jim. If he dealt drugs he’d be Blim Jim. If he became a priest he’d be Hymn Jim. If he sold candles he’d be Glim Jim. If he worked as a lifeguard he’d be Swim Jim. If he look I could do this all night

      • Dog

        If you wrote all of your jokes down, you’d be a Jotter Kumata.

        • Nice try, but all the vowels in ‘Kumata’ are silent.

          • Dog

            If you painted a symbolic mural about all of your amazing example of Jim wordplay, you’d be Klimt Kumata.

          • Dog

            Next you’ll be telling me that the ‘t’ is silent, too; and that “Kumata” really just rhymes with “Jim”

          • If you were a canine you’d be Dog. wait

          • Dog

            If you were a _______, you be ________________________________ ______________________.

          • Dog

            Aw, I thought that it’d line up more. I guess now I’m a resigned canine.

  • ComradeOrder

    I simply do not understand your obsession with drawing the Hagia Sophia in nearly every comic you make. At first I thought it was kind of endearing, but at this point it’s just egregious. I mean, look. The third to last panel in this one literally is just a photo of the Hagia Sophia with a text bubble that just repeats the phrase “Hagia Sophia” seventeen times. Come on. I’ll admit, I might be in the minority on this one, but please, I implore you, enough with the Hagia Sophia. It’s just getting old now.

    • ComradeOrder

      Okay, look, I snapped. I’m sorry. I really don’t want to step on your creative vision here. I’d rather you just forget I said anything, and go on with creating the comics how you want to. It’s hard for me to restrain myself sometimes, but I do believe that everyone should make the things that they creatively want to and what I said before was just artistically stifling. I want to apologize for that, and again encourage you to do what you want to here. It was out of line for me to say what I did and I’ll reiterate that I appreciate what you’ve been doing with this for as long as I have been and will be here.

  • Diane

    Jim forgets which one is him and which is the clone.

  • Captain Stewpid

    Around the dinner table conversation is lively.

  • The blessed return of continuity! I’ll update the wiki.