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  • ah but.. does it come with clear parts?

    • Dog

      They’re evenly numbered!

  • Can you not see the red squiggly line indicating a spelling error up there? Clearly “backarm” isn’t right, it’s spelled “fivearm” you mouthbreathing ingrate! Yeah, maybe you’re thinking that was excessive. But I need to illustrate how god damn furious you made me. I’m vexed beyond belief, my ears are doing that kettle steam/whistle thing you see in cartoons. A reader of your comic shouldn’t be made to feel this way, this comment should be a SAFE SPACE, it’s what this country is meant to be about isn’t it? Freedom? Yes I don’t live in said country but you’re missing the point. You – listen. You, the creator, do. Live in said country I mean. That means this website and all affiliated data, as a virtual extension of yourself, is part of that country by proxy. Coming here to make a comment is like treading on international soil. My brother’s a lawyer and he assured me this is absolutely, definitely, factually the case, and he NEVER lies to me, excepting of course times when he intends to embarrass or humiliate me in some way. So I’ll thank you to respect national laws and customs by not making such brazen mistakes as to FORCE your innocent readers to experience feelings of anger, discomfort, and most importantly anger. A webcomic, as a work intended to either inform, entertain, or squander years of potential, must by its very existence follow certain norms that otherwise would [part 1 of 246]

    • Dog

      “It’s ‘Fivearm’, Asshole” – a bestselling book by Kumata

  • Dude really needs to start using deodorant.

  • You can tell he didn’t have anything to do with it because if it were written by him, he would never enlarge the text to be more visible to readers.