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  • These sloppy joe flavored chips taste better than any sloppy joe I’ve ever had.

  • In panel 9, the artist has brilliantly condensed the Divine Comedy into a form that will undoubtedly appeal to today’s youth. Chad enters the mythical realm through a Myth Intrusion Control device, only to be pursued by the beasts of Sin through the dark maze of the Non-Linear Video Editor. After wandering fruitlessly among the jump cuts for many days, he finds the diritta via and escapes to a region the artist has cleverly labelled Internet, which is Italian for “Internet.” It is here that Chad observes the torment of all those who were Extremely Online in lifeā€”the hapless incels, the angry Twitter activists, the webcartoonists, and so on. After witnessing each of the nine circles of Internet, Chad finally completes his journey by entering the Celestial Ears.

  • I fucking cackled

  • Dog