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  • Dog

    Oh, god!

    • Diane

      Well, you’ve earned my upvote.

      • Dog


        Oh, how you comment, Diane
        Ever since Demon still ran
        When ice cream edits began
        You stayed, and now Matt has fame

        Well, I tried.

      • Can I give you mine to pass on to Dog? Thanks

  • Oh man, photonegative. Truly I’ve never been very positive towards photos.

  • Diane

    Jim’s angry smile in the last panel looks weird for what he’s saying.

    • Dog

      Wicked deja vu

  • I’m fed up of always arriving late to the party because of my stupid timezone. Next time you’re about to upload a comic, can you post me a letter to make sure it coincides with my being awake? I usually respond within 12-14 working days. I’m sure you won’t mind covering the airmail fees as I am a loyal reader after all. Email isn’t an option unfortunately as I don’t have internet access where I live (these comments are entered for me by a good friend who makes a four-mile trek into the nearest town with wi-fi (he prints out each new comic and brings them back. sometimes he colours them in, which is a nice gesture, although he only uses black pens).).