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  • Dog

    That’s the longest day I’ve ever witnessed

  • Beaver 2

    Ha ha ha! I’m really getting it now.

    • Dog

      I got it a couple weeks ago.

      • Can I have it next?

        • Dog

          Sure. Just send your check or money order to 1772 Breen Street, Kochucha Park, Wisconsin.

  • Dangit, I hate when people say “millennials” are people my age. How can that be when the term only existed recently? Obviously the term is the same age as the people it describes: the shitty young people of today (who use words like millennial). We already had a name.. generation Y or whatever it was.

    • Dog

      The term “millennial” actually refers to amount of gumption, not age.

    • And here I was thinking “millennials” were fashionable people, specifically those who shop at Karen Millen. Turns out the millennial was inside me all along!