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  • Diane

    More ancient webcomic jokes plz

  • Dog

    a. You are 82% welcome.

    b. Rad Comic #1 reminds me of the formative years of Chainsaw Suit. The whole thing overall is very zine-like.

    c1. I am Dog. I am semi-anonymous, but it would not be difficult for someone who was very trained to discover my true identity. I hope they don’t, though, because that would really mess with my nighttime job as a superhero.
    c2. I must defy Socrates because he’s an philosophical old fart, and if I don’t defy him than the question you pose is impossible for me to answer without lying.
    c3. Yuh-huh.

  • Beaver 2

    This seems like a good time to mention that I’ve been reading this comic since the time it was a different comic, and I have yet to get a single joke. Seriously, what’s up with Oliver?

    • Dog

      He’s a descendant of the famous Ouldsmann family, which is famous for making hilarious jokes that are only easily interpreted by people who aren’t beavers. It’s a very sad example of extensively bred speciesism.

    • whoever said there were jokes?

  • If you keep me laughing like this, all the best-medicine will keep me too damn healthy.

  • This comic is far too funny for its own good